Dr Mary McCormack

Clinical Oncologist
  • Qualifications
    BSc, MSc, PhD, MBBS, FRCR
  • Speciality
    Gynaecological cancer (ovary, cervix, endometrium), breast cancer, brachytherapy
  • NHS Base
    University College London Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Biography

    In 1989, Dr Mary McCormack was awarded a PhD for her research in radiation biology. She then went on to study medicine at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital. Dr McCormack continued her research at some of the top cancer centres in London, earning the FRCR in clinical oncology in 2000. Two years later she was appointed a consultant in clinical oncology at UCLH, treating patients for cancers of the breast, cervix, ovary, vagina, vulva and womb.

    As a member of National Cancer Research Institute gynaecological clinical studies group and the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG), Dr McCormack continues to be an active researcher. She has used grants from Cancer Research UK to carry out clinical trials in cervical and endometrial cancer, and contributed to many others. Dr McCormack is also involved with charities Jo’s Trust and Debbie Fund.