Dr Naomi Fersht

  • Qualifications
  • Speciality
    Neuro-oncology, technical radiotherapy
  • NHS Base
    University College London Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Biography

    Dr Naomi Fersht graduated from the University of Cambridge before carrying out specialist clinical oncology training at the Royal Marsden and University College Hospitals. Her studies of cell cycle checkpoints, under Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate, earned her a PhD.

    As a consultant, Dr Fersht manages brain and spinal tumours using chemotherapy and radiotherapy, including as a combination chemorad regimen which requires a great deal of experience. She uses both conventional and cutting edge radiotherapy techniques, and has been researching novel molecular radiotherapy techniques.

    Dr Fersht is particularly interested in pituitary tumours, the management of young adults with brain tumours, technical radiotherapy and radiosurgery, and radionuclide treatments for primary brain tumours.