First day of treament

It is quite normal to feel anxious on the first day of treatment. The radiotherapy team understands this is an anxious time for you and can assist you in many ways. As you get to know the team and the treatment routine, you will become more relaxed.

Although the radiographers cannot be in the room with you during your treatment they can see you at all times via CCTV cameras and can communicate with you via an intercom system.

The treatment session lasts for about 15 minutes each day. The radiographers will provide more detailed information about the process when you come in for your planning appointment.

Do not hesitate to ask your consultant or a radiographer if you have any questions about your care. You may find you are asked the same questions by different people; this is because we have to confirm certain details are correct, as part of our checking procedure. A member of staff should familiarise you with the layout of the centre.