After your radiotherapy has finished

Follow up appointments

Your clinical oncologist will usually see you during your course of treatment and they will also organise a follow up appointment to see you after your treatment has finished. This is likely to be 6-8 weeks after your treatment has finished.

Side effects and physical health

Radiotherapy has a cumulative effect. The side effects will begin to peak 7-10 days after your treatment has finished and will then gradually start to improve. It is important that you continue with your prescribed care routine until the side effects have subsided. Most side effects should improve within four weeks of finishing treatment. This is just a general guideline as everyone recovers at different rates depending on the area treated and an individual’s general health.

Caring for your skin

Any skin effects may continue and get slightly worse after your treatment is finished. It is important that you continue on with the skin care advice from our specialist team until your skin returns to normal. Your skin in the treated area will be very sensitive to the sun. It will need protecting from the sun and cold winds for at least 12 months after you have finished your treatment.

Other side effects

Similarly to skin effects, continue with your prescribed care routine for other radiotherapy side effects until they have subsided. Some patients may need longer to recover from fatigue than others, so remember to rest when you feel tired. Try to keep up your normal intake (food and fluid), do some gentle exercise and aim to get back to normal routines again. You will have follow up appointments and scans with your clinical oncologist following treatment; however it may be some time before you know the full benefits of your course of treatment. Your clinical oncologist will have explained this prior to your treatment course.

Emotional effects and support

People respond to different situations in different ways. Some people are able to carry on with life as normal; others may feel worried or anxious for some time afterwards. You may feel anxious once the treatment has finished as you are no longer in contact with medical staff on a daily basis. This is normal and if you have any concerns, support is available; please contact your clinical oncologist or The London Radiotherapy Centre team for advice.